We are
The Alfred Source
Online Streamer, Entertainer and online persona from Croatia
We entertain
Creating content to promote Croatia and to entertain YOU. HOOK ME UP

Online Entertainer, Twitch Streamer and YouTuber focused on
Content, Entertainment, and you, the viewer

We believe the online entertainment can be changed, and different than other
we enjoin creating our own content with love for every stream and viewer we meet.


Content we do

We decided to look through the idea, possibilities and outcome of our streams, even if they are going to turn out to be bad.

Scuffed and Stuffed

We have decided to create cooking show that is everything but cooking show, from burned food, charred & smoky remains to weird looking food.

Gaming Streams

We also do Gaming Streams occasionally, sometimes just to relax from outdoor content, or due to poor weather/time we can’t always make it outside.

New Ideas

We love to explore ideas and be creative, from creating 2 point camera streams, DIY z-axis stabilizers, to stream mounted bicycles, we strive to create new ideas we can use in our day to day IRL streams.

Travel & Outdoors

Ever since 2018, we have decided to undergo adventure of Livestreaming outside, from TwitchCon in berlin, to Croatia. We strive to explore new and unknown parts of our Country, of course as long as we can reach it within cellular data.

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    Our mission with the Streams

    We are improving every stream, one stream at time. We are aiming to become big and known streamer in Balkan region and world.