Testing new waters.. Cinemagraphy

Hey, so we decided to start some film making.. Yeah.
We’re trying out filmmaking as indie and solo camera/actor for now untill we get some $/freebies to act in our films.. Starting this Saturday 11.08, I will post some updates and instagram photos from movie set, we’re basicly ready to record, we got props, script laid out and ready to kick some a and b frames. Our first.. Yeah our first ever movie will be called The Croatian Eagle and will be premiered on Twitch on twitch.tv/thealfredsource as soon as it is ready to be published. We’re trying for 15-30 minutes long for start. It is a comedy james bond type thing that I hope will work out well, I have studied the cinematic movements & directing.. So why not?! Lets have some fun and create!

About our 50-100$ bet, yeah the one where we’re supposed to hit traning a month without giving up is almost done, I can proudly say.. Exercising is my new best thing ever! Your body changes and you can see and feel that change it is amazing, cause you know you are doing something for “yourself”, to be better in future.. And to be “fit” and sexy for that Black panther suit–>Black panther suit  haha, but that will take a year or so 🙂


Guys, I will see you soon, thank you so much for being loyal and check us often, I’m sorry due to lack of streams, tiredness from training & diet hits me hard.. It will be better, I promise <3

Where’s the stream Alfred?

Well, Uhm.. Hi!

Sadly I have been down and up and couldn’t get the courage to stream these days, as in I don’t want to just walk around city and play games..

I want to be creative and have fun, mindless walking is boring after you’ve done it countless times, true I could visit another city and stream there but sadly connection is not always acceptable.

But we upgraded with new Netgear mimo antenna, which doubled if not tripled the upload speed but with tourist in hordes stealing my 4G I cannot have good upload.

But I will try, I will try and find new content to create. I love to do cooking streams, so I will have more of those in future, especially since I have “good” upload of 5-6 ups and good camera that is connected to PC to stream from home, but outside I’ve only got my phone to do the job.

I will be honest and tell you the reason what I haven’t really streamed.. I restarted my schedule for stream, got into training which makes me tired fat boy, and then.. The emptiness of Twitch chat when you stream, but that’s the con of being a small streamer and I will get over it 🙂

I’m  actively working on promoting Instagram with marketing guy and website improvements.

And once again, sorry for not streaming often last days/week.

See you guys very soonish-!

The Alfred Source

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